Vizio SB3621N-E8 Best Settings [Complete-Settings]

Having a fun musical night is an amazing experience to cherish and this becomes more enjoyable when you have loved ones around you. Imagine a movie night with some sweet music at the backdrop being played out all night. It would be not good to have even a single disruption during this savoring experience. So, to ensure a break-free night you need to know about some technicalities.

Yes, a soundbar comes up as a very good source to relinquish your wish. It is a matter of fact that a soundbar produces the best quality of sound as compared to speakers.

With this regard, a VIZIO Sb3621n-e8 soundbar is a good option to go on with. The best part about it is that it has an excellent quality subwoofer with it which has all the features and attributes which may satisfy your taste for sound quality and also fall within your budget.

This article talks about the best settings for a VIZIO Sb3621n-e8 Soundbar, especially the bass and treble settings alongwith the equalizer settings for the same.

Best Settings for VIZIO Sb3621n-e8 Soundbar

  1. Remember to turn off the speakers of your soundbar so as to prevent an echo and reverberation of sound that comes out of your soundbar’s inbuilt speakers.
  2. If you have an application related to your soundbar on Google Play Store or on iOS then download it and get knowledge about the equalizer settings of your soundbar from there.
  3. To connect external devices to your soundbar make sure to use HDMI-ARC wires instead of Optical cables so that the connection may be free from any interferences from outside.

VIZIO Sb3621n-e8 Equalizer Settings

VIZIO Sb3621n-e8 Equalizer Settings
  1. Remember to use the bass at a very low frequency so that the output sound from it is optimized and can be used without any physical damage to the ears. The bass should be set at 20 Hz or even lower than this and the treble maximum upto 40 Hz.
  2. One can go for a check-up of the equalizer settings on the VIZIO Sb3621n-e8 user manual.
  3. A VIZIO Sb3621n-e8 Soundbar supports both DTS and Dolby technologies which can be used up to further enhance the performance of the soundbar.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is VIZIO TruVolume?

This is an advanced feature of a VIZIO soundbar that can be ultimately used to control the minimal fluctuations in your output sound.

What is eco power on VIZIO Soundbar?

The Eco power mode sets your soundbar to a standby mode if it doesn’t work for a certain period of time.


In a nutshell, this can be concluded that a VIZIO Sb3621n-e8 Soundbar has all specifications that can give you the best output sound without compromising the safety of your healthcare. As we know that a high bass can be dangerous to our ears.

A VIZIO Sb3621n-e8 on the other hand is blessed with a very low bass setting that makes it the best soundbar to be compatible for a night full of enjoyment. Also, remember to make the frequency adjustments in such a way that they best fit the desirable output sound quality.

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