Why My Insignia Soundbar Not Working? [Fixes]

Whenever you are using your soundbar for giving yourself a relief, you just need a solace place where you can just relax and have some time with your own-self. In this 21st century’s hustle-bustle such a regular practice is the one that everyone wishes to follow and this also is a very mind-relaxing process.

But, what if suddenly the soundbar stops working. This can be nerve-wrecking as well as sometimes this is a situation that is very much hard to deal with. So, if your INSIGNIA Soundbar is not working properly or has stopped working in between you might get on to the following pointers.

Why My Insignia Soundbar Not Working?

Some issues with the soundbar that may have caused it to not work can be the below mentioned ones:

  1. The Power card of your soundbar may be not inserted into the power card slot properly. This power card slot is mainly present at the back of your soundbar. Check for this issue immediately as this may cause several other issues also.
  2. The remote may not be working in synchronisation with the soundbar. This might be an important factor and also responsible for your soundbar not working as per your wish.
  3. The most important issue is that of the inappropriate working of the soundbar’s Bluetooth connection. Yes, most of the soundbars, including the brand INSIGNIA, have an additional feature of Bluetooth connectivity that can be used by us to connect it with our mobile device and then play our best music services, with the best sound from the soundbar. Further, in this section we discuss about the reasons that may make the INSIGNIA soundbar Bluetooth to not work,

Insignia Soundbar Bluetooth Not Working

Insignia Soundbar Bluetooth Not Working
  1. The Bluetooth connection may not be working properly due to interferences by microwaves. This happens when there are other Bluetooth connections operating in your location where the your soundbar is also connected to some other Bluetooth connection.
  2. The Bluetooth connectivity may be experiencing some data leakage which may result in fluctuations in the output sound.
  3. If the problem that occurs is that you are not able to see your device when you are willing to connect it to your mobile phone’s or some other device’s Bluetooth then it might be possible that the device’s Bluetooth visibility option is disabled. Try to enable this feature.

So, these were some of the major issues that may cause the INSIGNIA soundbar to not work properly:

Further, we need to get an idea about the reasons that may have caused these issues. So, this article provides some of the reasons below:

  • The line of sight may not be intact with the soundbar’s Infrared Sensor.
  • There might be some disruption in the internal working of the soundbar.
  • The power card may not be properly inserted into the soundbar’s power slot.
  • The soundbar may have low power.
  • The Bluetooth connection that is connected with the soundbar might not be data leakage proof.
  • There may be some disruptions related to the soundbar’s settings.
  • There may be some fluctuations in the network connection to which the soundbar is connected.
  • The remote control may not be of the same brand as that of the soundbar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is a blue light flashing on my INSIGNIA Soundbar?

The blue light flashing on your INSIGNIA Soundbar depicts that your soundbar has been paired up with another device.

Do soundbars wear out?

Yes, soundbars do wear out after about 6-7 years of their regular use. This mainly happens when you don’t take proper care of your soundbar and the maintenance of your soundbar is not upto the mark.

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This is a very important issue that lies in our hands to have a basic knowledge about our soundbar model so that whenever even any minuscule problem erupts, you are capable of giving it a little bit of attention.

This is important because whenever such a problem erupts the most common blunder that we create out of our general reaction is creating a lot of panic. So, properly understand the issue and then move on to comprehend the reason that may have caused it.

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