Can I Add Wired Speakers to My Soundbar? [Guide]

Connecting multiple speakers to a Soundbar is a good idea. It is surely possible to connect multiple speakers to a Soundbar but that needs a high level of technical assistance.

Connecting a Soundbar to multiple speakers is a budget-friendly method if you don’t want to invest furthermore in buying a new high-sound quality Soundbar. It is not common nowadays to see a large number of speakers attached to a Soundbar because advanced Soundbars are having the feature of wireless connection which allows us just to click on a few options and go on with a chair, sit and enjoy music.

You can add wired speakers to your Soundbar but it should first fulfill some prerequisite conditions-

Can I Add Wired Speakers to My Soundbar?

Only those Speakers which the Soundbar supports

The simple answer is yes, you can add wired speakers to soundbar but in a few conditions. Lets discuss those conditions in detail.

1. Only those Speakers which the Soundbar supports

There needs to be a match between your Soundbar’s brand and the Speaker’s brand you want to connect together. Precisely speaking, having a speaker kit is a good way to set up an ideal connection between your Soundbar and the Speakers.

Most of the Soundbars today is wireless-enabled and hence there are fewer chances of getting a match between a Speaker and a Soundbar pair.

2. Through Speaker Kit

Through Speaker Kit

Speaker kits usually come in formats that have three sections in them, viz., the receiver, the transmitter, and the external speakers. But be aware of a precaution before buying any kit first ensure that your Soundbar and the kit support output devices. Most of the Soundbars are input devices, which signifies that there exist no ways to connect external speakers to Soundbar. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What needs to be checked on first, before thinking of connecting one’s Speakers with a Soundbar?

The most important thing is to check whether the brand of your Soundbar matches that of the Speakers, you are willing to connect with the Soundbar.

What is the prerequisite condition to be fulfilled before thinking of establishing a connection between a set of external speakers and a Soundbar?

Having Speakers with the same brand as that of the Soundbar is a must condition to be fulfilled. Moreover, a speaker kit is also mandatory.


In a nutshell, it is a better decision to just be satisfied with your Soundbar or even your home theatre, as most the Soundbars are not fit for use as output devices, nowadays.

So, just be careful while purchasing a Soundbar so that it may fulfill all your desirable qualities. 

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