Best Soundbar for UTV – (2022 Buying Guide)

The best Soundbars for UTV are not regular sound systems but designed specially to fit into such heavy vehicles. They will entertain you with premium sound quality and excellent clarity throughout your long road trips.

The built-in drivers are compelling enough to fight with surrounding voices and maintain the rumble detailing and treble performance. The rich bass production keeps you engaged and creates a dramatic vibe whenever you hit the road. Here are the best Soundbars for UTV that will be a game-changer for your music streaming on the road.

So, let’s explore each one of them in detail and find out what makes them perfect for the UTV vehicle.

Best Soundbar for UTV Comparison Table 2022

1. BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Sound Bar

BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Sound Bar

Boss BRT26A is a plug-and-play Soundbar designed to fit in your UTV vehicles for entertaining outdoor times. It also comes with a perfect installation set that effortlessly helps you fit the Soundbar into a 12V power source. Besides, the wireless Bluetooth connectivity gives enough flexibility to use the bar on your road trips by connecting to your smartphones.

It comes in a traditional portable design, containing four-inches full-range drivers with A/B built-in amplifiers and two tweeters. The audio output is blasting, perfect for travel in an open vehicle. It delivers fine-tuning with shaking vibrations, bass, and loud volume, making the Soundbar wild while hitting the road. Thanks to the built-in amplifier, the Soundbar can get loud without compromising the quality, making it the best UTV Soundbar for the money.

This UTV Soundbar with bass features an IPX rating that ensures premium protection from water pressure irrespective of the angle. In addition, Boss BRT26A build with weatherproof material that makes the device ready to perform even in extreme conditions. So, no matter the sun is annoying you or the rain accidentally hits, your road trips will never be boring or without high-quality music.

Though it is a plug-and-play device, Aux and Bluetooth connectivity makes things easier. Also, you can never stay out of touch with your loved ones back home because the USB input allows you to charge your phones and enjoy without any worry.

• Simple setup
• Built-in amplifiers for the high-volume output
• Quick installation
• IPS Rating
• Bluetooth streaming
• Weatherproof materials
• None

2. MTX MUDSYS41 Soundbar

MTX MUDSYS41 Soundbar

MTX MUDSYS41 is an interesting Soundbar that fits perfectly into your machine and enhances your music listening experience on the road. With a measurement of 4.2 x 40.5 x 8.5-inches and weighing around 21.5 pounds, the Soundbar is an ideal choice for UTV, ATV, and any area under the 43-49.5-inches dimensions.

Also, good music is a must to keep you going on long road trips, and Soundbars always come to the rescue. Luckily, the MTX comes with a universal mounting option, making the bar versatile to adjust in any vehicle, yards, and bicycle and keeping you entertained with the best quality music.

Moreover, it can add life to your road parties with alluring design and crisp and loud music volume. The built-in amplifiers ensure you get the loudest volume possible that the surrounding noises won’t irritate you. Besides, the bass is also thrilling and rich that you find your heart racing whenever you sit near the Soundbar. MTX Soundbars wouldn’t compromise on the quality and deliver everything with clarity despite the loud volume.

Another important thing to appreciate about this MTX UTV Soundbar is its quick and easy installation process. The universal mounting brackets make the fitting super convenient in UTVs, ATVs, and other utility vehicles. Luckily, you can mount the bar anywhere you want with the right measurement properties.

Since it allows rich mounting options, it is safe to say that the build quality is terrific with premium yet durable materials. Its sustainability in different weather conditions is not in question. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity option eliminates the need to create a wired mess while giving you full control of driving. The Bluetooth beautifully syncs smartphones and Soundbar and starts playing your playlist without interruption. However, you can get the AUX option if anyone in the group wants to add a fun playlist.

• Portable Soundbar
• Easy mounting with universal brackets
• Built-in Bluetooth control
• Rich and deep bass production
• Built-in amplifiers for heavy sound output
• The Bluetooth range could be better

3. BOSS BRT27A Soundbar

BOSS BRT27A Soundbar

Boss is undoubtedly the leading brand for car speakers with an extensive product line that offers terrific sound performance, durable designs, and impressive features. If you ever plan a road trip on your UTV and want to integrate a reliable sound system, Boss UTV Soundbar can be your go-to purchase.

Quick installation, easy control, and wireless connectivity can offer a seamless music listening experience throughout your trip. The high-quality weatherproof equipment saves you the trouble of saving the device from harsh weather. So, whether the sun rays trying to stop your road trip planning or unexpected drizzling extends the journey, Boss BRT27A is designed to keep you engaged.

Boss BRTS7A is only 27-inches Soundbar designed to fit in the Jeeps, UTV, ATV, and utility vehicles. With the flexible mounting brackets, fixing the Soundbar has never been easy. Besides, the built-in Bluetooth and AUX support let you enjoy unlimited wireless music streaming, voice calling, and more while you drive.

Like its sibling, Boss BRT26A, it also features an IPX rating that keeps the Soundbar safe from dirt, debris, or water, which usually can threaten its durability and performance. Also, many users call it a marine Soundbar, which means it can go very well with slow-pressure waters spills and provide excellent sound performance without any distortion. However, it would help if you didn’t expose it to the heavy pouring rain.

Boss UTV Soundbar also features built-in Class D amplifiers that receive the signals and infuse them with more power to deliver loud, crisp, and rich music performance. The DSP-Processor integration ensures distortion-free sound that keeps you entertained throughout the journey. Therefore, considering the terrific sound, easy controlling, multi-color LED panel lights at the front, and compelling build quality, it is safe to say that it is the best UTV Soundbar.

• The Control panel is located at the front for easy navigation
• Class D amplifiers produce a rich and powerful sound of max 500W
• Multiple EQ settings
• Adjustable mounting brackets
• Weatherproof Soundbar
• USB charging
• None

4. Bazooka BPB24-DS-G2 Soundbar

Bazooka BPB24-DS-G2 Soundbar

Bazooka 24-inches Soundbar is a perfect portable sound system for utility vehicles that are designed to give a boost to entertainment while off-roading. It can deliver a heavy bass punch without consuming much space so that it can be an ideal Soundbar for vehicles, yards, or outdoor parties.

The installation is very easy with a kit that includes 11/12-inches clamps. It may have a regular boring design, but the front and back-facing drivers can make a difference and deliver adequate sound to the front and back of the seats. The audio output level may not be as high as others, but it should be enough to entertain you on smooth tracks with less traffic around.

Bazooka bars aim to take your entertainment level to the next level, hence integrating all-new Class D amplifiers that produce powerful sound with excellent clarity and no distortion. Apart from front-firing tweeters, the Soundbar also contains end-loaded woofers that produce rich and detailed bass of max 450W.

Besides good sound quality, Bazooka contains exciting LED lights to entertain you. It integrates an RGB LED illumination system that flashes interesting patterns in many colors that can easily be controlled with a handy remote. So, the sound and lights combine to get the party going, which sounds fun with a crew.

Moreover, Bazooka BPB24-DS-G2 features a USB input port that ensures the party never stops and the mobiles are always charged. It also supports a thumb drive and decodes the playlist to play. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity takes care of online music streaming and ensures you never go out of playlist options.

Controlling the device is also seamless with customizable remote and a user-friendly app, compatible with Android and iOS. But the Audio Sync technology integration that allows two G2 party bars to connect with mobile devices wirelessly and double the fun caught our attention. It can be a great add-on to try something new and enjoy the crisp music streaming.

• G2 party bars audio Sync technology
• Waterproof USB connection
• Bluetooth streaming
• Seamless control via dashboard and app
• No dustproof system

5. MTX MUDSYS31 Soundbar

MTX MUDSYS31 Soundbar

MTX MUDSYS31 is no exception for the stunning sound performance while hitting the road. As we all know, long road trips can get boring, even with friends, but high-quality music with heavy volume can change the whole perspective of road parties. MTX knows your concerns and designed this powerful Soundbar for your next off-roading.

Its design is also quite captivating, featuring a digital clock at the front and all the control buttons for easy navigation. Besides, it easily fits into the dimensions area between 1-3/4-inches and 2-inches so that it can be a very versatile device for different outdoor use.

It features Bluetooth, USB, and AUX options for connectivity. The Bluetooth gives the freedom of wireless music streaming, whereas the USB lets you keep your phones charged all the time or insert the thumb drive to enjoy your old yet customized playlist. Moreover, the Soundbar also comes with an LED dome light and cargo nets to make your trips at night interesting with a combination of powerful sound and sparkling lights.

The audio output is terrific as it contains four 6-1/2-inches speakers that are waterproof and produce around 35-W performance. The front-facing drivers produce an excellent sound performance that can go loud and never break the rhythm of tunes. However, it may lack some bass, and the grilled texture design can cause moisture in the speakers that can compromise audio output. But, once you remove the grill and clean the entire house of the Soundbar, it should be good to go.

Surprisingly, like other UTV Soundbars, this waterproof Bluetooth Soundbar for UTV is weatherproof and can survive with low-pressure water spills. You can take your vehicle while enjoying your favorite music anywhere or anytime without worrying about Soundbar sustainability.

• Weatherproof build material
• Powerful water-resistant speakers
• USB and Bluetooth connections
• Easy installation
• Two-years warranty
• AM/FM with foreign brands
• The moisture or dust may compromise sound, hence needs frequent cleaning

6. ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26

ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26

ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 is a complete entertainment system for your outdoor parties, especially when you hit the road with friends.

It’s time to plan the post-pandemic party or a long smooth drive in your UTV, ATV, or utility vehicle and explore the surrounding areas. But, driving or moving ahead can be boring because the talks alone wouldn’t keep you entertained so that the SE26 can come to your rescue. It can be a very thoughtful purchase for your vehicle if you are a frequent traveler, whether alone or with friends.

Its built-in speakers can produce 500W peak output and can get wild beyond your expectations. The 8 marine-grade speakers include two tweeters, four mid-range speakers, and two woofers that produce detailed, clear, and optimized sound performance. Whether you listen to pop or classical, it adjusts the audio output and detailing to improve the immersive experience.

Moreover, by investing in the ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26, the best Soundbar for UTV, you don’t have to worry about the weather, sand, dust, or water exposure. The music performance wouldn’t bother with rain or sunny weather because the bar meets all the international standards to maintain its durability.

Irrespective of its boring and traditional design, it comes with rear-facing LED lights with party lights that throw vibrant colors to keep you engaged. So, the lights and incredibly loud sound never let you get bored on your long road trips. However, you can control the lightning with a simple push-button if they irritate you.

Connecting and music streaming is also exciting and convenient with Bluetooth 5.0 support. It instantly reads your smart device and starts playing your content. Above all, the Bluetooth connectivity range is up to 100 feet, which is unexpected with UTV Soundbars.

• 500 Watts audio output
• Bluetooth 5.0 support
• RGB party lights at the front with easy control
• Waterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof
• UTV Soundbar with bass
• Remote control with long-range
• None

7. JBL UB4100BLK Soundbar

JBL UB4100BLK Soundbar

JBL UB4100BLK is the Best Soundbar for UTV, considering its modern and attractive design, solid build, and wireless connectivity. It is the most portable Soundbar, measuring 10 x 20 x 20 inches only with a peak amplifier output at 120W with two speakers.

Its compact design and easy adjustability let you fit the Soundbar in boats, UTV, ATV, and other utility vehicles. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity gives instant connection with smartphones and lets you catch up on your favorite songs. Also, the 3.5mm and RCA inputs are reasonable alternates to the wireless and deliver excellent sound performance without any distortion.

The Soundbar houses two full-range speakers optimized with class-D amplifiers that produce an audio output of 80Wrms per driver. The dual drivers produce a satisfactory sound for road trips and make the entire journey worth experiencing. The loud sound throws party vibes, especially when you switch the Bluetooth devices with your friends over one click.

Apart from the unusual design, the JBL UTV Soundbar features an IPX rating, keeping the device safe from any potential outdoor threat. Besides, the weatherproof build quality makes the Soundbar versatile for every weather and open vehicle.

At the front, you can find a red LED display that flashes when the music plays. Besides, the down-moving LED lights are another fascinating built-in tool for reading, eating, or getting the important stuff done in the dark.

• Elegant design for outdoor Soundbar
• Waterproof Bluetooth Soundbar for UTV
• Full-range dual drivers
• Bluetooth, micro-USB, Aux, and RCA inputs
• IPX rating
• Weatherproof
• No woofer integration
Best UTV Soundbar Infographic

Best UTV Soundbar – Buying Guide 2022

Taking a trip in your UTV can be enjoyable, but a powerful sound system can add life to your journeys. Besides, off-roading can be loud considering the busy surroundings, so the speakers should be powerful to keep up the sound performance and entertaining throughout the trip.

So, you need to get the Soundbar that meets all your music requirements when you hit the road. The bass and treble should be balanced, and the audio quality should be thrilling. Therefore, we mention some common factors that every trip enthusiast should consider before investing in the best UTV Sound bar.


Since the Soundbars are meant to use on UTV, they should be easy to adjust at the front of the vehicle. Also, they should be strong enough to face any turbulence or withstand dust, debris, and annoying surrounding noises.

Also, considering the rough usage, it’s better to ensure the speakers are made of premium quality to survive for the long term.

Excellent Sound Quality

Even though the Soundbars are designed to deliver tremendous sound performance with clarity, the Soundbars for UTV need extra polish in the audio output to deliver uninterrupted sound outdoors.

The best Soundbars for UTV must include stereo components that will eliminate all the background noise and let you emphasize your favorite music without distortion or distraction. Also, the front-facing placement of the Soundbar can help the driver enjoy every tune of the music and boost the trip excitement.

Waterproof Soundbar

Check the Soundbar specs and ensure your chosen Soundbar is weather and waterproof. Since it is a device used in open vehicles, it should be functional under extreme weather conditions.

The Soundbar should have a thoughtful design that offers reasonable protection to the electrical components inside the body and save them from any potential damage.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity feature should be a must in the best Soundbar for UTV. You don’t want to involve in the wired mess of connecting the device with your smartphones. So, your Soundbar for UTV should be a plug-and-play device with multiple options of wireless pairing.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the best UTV soundbar?

Boss BRT27A is the Best Soundbar for UTV, featuring Class D amplifiers that produce loud, detailed, and heavy sound irrespective of the circumstances. It is perfect for outdoor use, especially in boats and vehicles, with easy EQ settings, wireless connectivity, and a USB charging facility.


Bring fun to your road trips by integrating the best Soundbars for UTV that are easily adjustable and deliver a 3D surround sound experience. They are water and surrounding proof to take your music listening adventure to the next level without worrying about their durability.

In addition, thanks to the detailed buying guide, getting a suitable soundbar for your vehicle becomes super easy and saves you research trouble.

Best Soundbar for UTV

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