Boss BRT26A Review (Tested by Soundbar Experts in 2024)

After receiving positive word of mouth about the Boss BRT26A soundbar for UTV, we decided to get an in-depth look at the device and examine its performance in real-time.

It is exciting that this soundbar is designed specifically for use in UTVs and off-road vehicles, making the long routes bearable with excellent sound reproduction of our favorite soundtracks.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss its features, sound quality, and why choosing this soundbar will be valuable for your traveling needs.

Let’s dive in.

BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Sound Bar

BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Sound Bar

Unboxing the UTV Soundbar

Unboxing the UTV Boss BRT26A Soundbar

Getting vehicle accessories is always exciting, especially when planning trips with friends. And the most important accessory for surviving long routes in UTVs is a powerful sound system.

Getting the Boss BRT26A will always be a great idea for any travel lover, and it’s user-friendly enough to operate on your vehicles.

Boss has the best shipment process with excellent packaging protocol. It is lightweight, so it came in a small portable box. Opening the box was a breeze, but the whole concern was installing it in the right place.

Size and Design

Size and Design of Boss BRT26A soundbar

The BRT26A is designed keeping the UTVs in mind; thus, it is 26 inches wide. Its compact design makes it a suitable option for installation in various UTVs and other off-road vehicles.

The 26 inches provides ample sound coverage while still being compact enough not to consume much space. Additionally, its durable construction and weatherproof design make it well-suited for use in harsh off-road environments.

However, the design has nothing much to offer, and it wouldn’t complement the vehicle with a grille at the front covering drivers inside. But the construction seems to last even after continuous usage for years.

Mounting and Setup

The BOSS Audio BRT26A soundbar for UTVs can be mounted in various ways depending on the specific UTV model.

The soundbar typically comes with mounting hardware that can be used to securely attach it to the UTV’s roll cage or other sturdy surfaces. Some UTVs may also have factory-installed mounting points that can be used to mount the soundbar.

Choosing a secure mounting location that will keep the soundbar in place even during off-road driving is important.

Before mounting, we suggest you refer to the user manual to avoid any inconvenience. Also, setting up the bar is seamless with a wireless remote.

Connectivity Options

The BOSS Audio BRT26A soundbar has several connectivity options for playing audio from different devices. It features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing wireless audio streaming while connecting to smartphones.

Also, it has AUX 3.5mm for instant connection to devices and a USB for fast-charging devices, so you won’t miss anything on-road and stay connected to the family behind with your smartphone fully powered.

The soundbar also has an FM radio with auto-scan and a built-in amplifier, which can be used to play audio directly from the radio or an external device connected through one of the inputs.

Controlling and Navigation

Since the soundbar in UTV usually mounts at the front, controlling the device isn’t a problem with the buttons. Still, it comes with a handy wireless remote control that helps you adjust volume, switch audio presets for sound customization, and manage the amplifier.

The remote has some dedicated buttons at the front with clear labels to save you time and hassle managing the device while driving.

Highlighting Features

The soundbar comes with many unusual features that make the soundbar apart from other rivals in the market. Apart from wireless connectivity with Bluetooth and USB for charging, its compact design with flexible placement is preferred by many UTV owners.

Moreover, the built-in amplifier reproduces more powerful sound, and the clear and loud sound output makes a noticeable difference when listening to favorite soundtracks.

Also, the waterproof design encourages long routes to different locations with heavy music, making it suitable for harsh environments.

It also features multiple EQ modes that customize the sound according to the content playing and make it more immersive, especially when you can manage them with a wireless remote.

Sound Performance

The sound quality of the Bose soundbar for UTV is great for its size and price range. Its compact design allows it to fill the UTV cabin with clear, natural, and crisp audio, improving the built-in speakers.

The built-in amplifier ensures powerful sound delivery, and its weatherproof design ensures that it can perform well in harsh environments without compressions.

Moreover, we noticed the accurate sound quality with the audio EQ modes and made personalizations to the sound for a high-end immersive listening experience.

However, it is important to note that soundbars are designed to enhance and project sound in a single direction, while in UTVs and off-road vehicles, sound can get dispersed in different directions.

Thus, the sound performance can be impacted by the layout and acoustics. So, it is advised to experiment with different mounting locations to achieve the desired sound performance.

• Flexible placement
• Seamless mounting
• EQ presets
• IPX rated
• Affordable
• Powerful sound quality
• 3-years warranty
Could be loud

Bottom Line

The Boss Audio BRT26A is a flexible soundbar that features Bluetooth and a weatherproof profile, making it a convenient option for those who want to enhance the audio quality of their UTVs.

It produces powerful sound output and is a budget-friendly option for the premium upgrade to entertainment when you’re on the go.

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