Best Sonos Soundbar Review & Buying Guide 2022

Listening to good music is a great escape from the busy, fast-paced, challenging life, but when we can’t come across a good sound system or equipment, our whole energy can go in vain.

Therefore, read the best Sonos soundbar Review and treat yourself to the best quality soundbar, a device that hosts multiple speakers inside the compact body, produces ground-shaking music, and enhances quality time.

We have added the top four Sonos soundbars that have been the best sellers for their exceptional sound performance, value for money, and reliability. All the Sonos soundbars are readily available globally and don’t need special skills to install, set, and navigate. Let’s learn more about the best Sonos soundbar and help you figure out your next important purchase.

List of the Best Sonos Soundbar in 2022

1. Sonos Beam Soundbar

Sonos Beam Soundbar

If you really want to experience quality music with the best vocal and bass performance, switch to the Sonos Beam. It is a portable smart soundbar that can satisfy all your sound-sensitive cravings without getting hard on your pockets.

With only 25.6-inches in size, it is ready to take place under your smart TV. The wireless connection helps with seamless pairing, and Alexa will take care of setup and navigation.

The built-in four full-range compelling drivers produce high-definition sound. The passive radiators add the crispness of bass with the perfect detailing of treble, creating a stunning soundstage for mixed usage. In addition, the frequency range is unbelievable and can fill small to average-size rooms with ground-shaking vibrating sounds.

Moreover, the soundbar is designed for endless entertainment, providing access to online music streaming platforms. You only have to request Alexa to play your favorite song, podcast, or even E-Book, and it will be set to play in moments.

The built-in voice enhancement technology clarifies the spoken word by isolating dialogues and background music to deliver satisfactory performance, making it an ideal speaker device to pair with TVs. Hence, it is a soundbar that brings value and fun to your home with appealing portability.

• Easy to setup
• Beautifully crafted
• High-resolution clear sound
• Voice enhancement quality
• Affordable
• Voice control
• None

2. Sonos Arc Soundbar

Sonos Arc

Sonos Arc is a premium soundbar within a huge product line of Sonos brand. With loud, clear, and spacious sound performance, it can add life to your boring entertainment lives. Besides, it is perfect for mixed usage and a user-friendly device to bring home for regular use.

It is undoubtedly the best soundbar for large rooms due to its expansive sound production capability. Also, Dolby Atmos support enriches the audio delivery by making it bounce off the ceiling for the virtual or 3D acoustic vibes.

It is a one-unit device that packs all the drivers, woofer, and tweeter inside the wide attractive body and helps with portability with wireless connection. The bass is ground-shaking, and the balanced tweeter profile makes a huge difference. It further surprises users with the voice enhancement feature that polishes the sound until you clearly understand it.

Moreover, the sound customization quality elevates the sound quality according to the content and room environment to make it more immersive for the listeners. This feature is heavenly made for gamers because it moves you with every scene and audio that boosts the enthusiasm.

• Attractive design
• Setup via voice control and app
• WiFi support
• Full HD video recording
• Made for perfection
• None

3. Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbar Only

Sonos Playbar has been trending as the best soundbar for hearing impaired because it can produce precise, detailed, rich, and loud music that anyone with hearing issues can easily understand.

It has a compact profile measuring 35.5 by 5.6 by 3.4-inches only, which is the perfect width and height for wall mounting. Its black body with metallic finishing complements the TV, whereas the wireless WiFi network advises using it for rich purposes.

The soundbar can deliver expansive sound with multichannel support, and the dialogue performance is unbelievable. Despite adding an additional driver for creating or improving vocal performance, it has introduced some built-in functions that optimize the sound and make it noticeable within the heavy background.

The installation, setup, and pairing process becomes hassle-free thanks to wireless connectivity. It gives access to online music platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Apple music, etc.

Besides, the one-unit device offers multiple sources for controlling or navigation, including remote control, Alexa, and mobile app support. This Sonos soundbar review will not only wrap the best qualities, but the lack of Atmos or any other advanced audio format support is its drawback, which cannot go unnoticed.

• Loud and crisp sound
• WiFi compatibility
• Speech enhancement function
• Night mode
• Automatically optimize the sound with an environment
• Limited wired connections



Sonos PLAYBAR is designed to enhance your TV sound because, unfortunately, the smart TVs are not providing top-notch sound performance, ultimately ruining the whole streaming vibes.

It has an unusual but interesting design that shows the grilles at the sides to expand the soundstage with built-in drivers. It can provide sophisticated home theater performance while letting you pair external devices via a wireless connection. It delivers great acoustic with the built-in 9 drivers, including stereo speakers.

Though it does not include a subwoofer, it houses a woofer and treble to balance the sound profile. The smart device capabilities further enhance the user experience, and the Alexa control support enriches the experience by making the navigation a piece of cake.

Therefore, it not only complements the TV screens with the attractive build quality and beautifully crafted design, but it can also enhance the overall TV watching, music or podcast listening, or E-Book streaming experience within a reasonable budget range.

• Compact and durable
• Alexa support
• 9 drivers included
• Wireless and wired connection
• None
Best Sonos Soundbar infographic

Best Sonos Soundbar 2022 Buying Guide

Sonos soundbars are a great investment because their huge soundbar collection is designed to enhance your listening experience, irrespective of the content you play. But you must have some specific requirements to satisfy, so getting a soundbar accordingly is actually makes sense.

You can rely on Sonos soundbars for the durable metallic build quality that maintains a healthy design to complement different lifestyles. The beautifully crafted soundbars come with a mounting kit to let you make the soundbar versatile for different purposes.

However, the soundbar is not a showpiece but a device that can transform all your digital streaming concepts and, of course, your mood. So, let’s highlight some factors that we think would make a great soundbar.

Where to Place?

The most important thing to consider before or after a soundbar purchase is where to place it?

A great soundbar should not be required to sit at a specific sweet spot to entertain you; Sonos soundbars realize this and integrate a technology that elevates the sound performance according to the room and content for the immersive listening experience.

Wireless Connectivity

Do you want to connect any specific device to your soundbar or make it available for mixed usage?

Yes, that type of question you should ask beforehand and prioritize the connection requirement accordingly. Luckily, all the Sonos soundbars we mentioned offer WiFi support that pairs with smart devices effortlessly and lets you access your playlists on different digital platforms to enjoy fully.

Besides, other connectivity options include HDMI, USB, and optical digital, which varies with the models, but anyone of them would include as the safest alternative.

Quick and Easy Setup

The best thing about Sonos soundbars is their easy and quick installation process. Almost all the Sonos soundbars are plug-and-play devices that only require plugging the power cord, pairing the smart device via WiFi, and hitting the play button.

Surprisingly, we have added the Sonos soundbars compatible with voice control assistants and the Sonos mobile app. Alexa will take care of the navigation, connection switching, or enabling different functions over voice command. However, the included remote control can be a valuable alternative for the setup and control.

Bottom Line

This is it.

The best Sonos soundbars are ready to blow your house with ground-shaking sound that never compromises the audio quality, despite the content and max volume. They are user-friendly devices with heavy power output, affordable price tags, and a luxurious listening experience.

So, get a soundbar that best suits your needs and budget, and enjoy the unbelievably thrilling listening experience.

Best Sonos Soundbar Review

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