HomePod VS Soundbar – Which one is Better?

If you are having problems in listening to the dialogues or the music during the movies, and shows, you would have thought about many home appliances to enjoy the beats and dialogues to the fullest.

Even though a HomePod and a soundbar offer multiple levels of sound, they still are go-to choices and people usually have a hard time when they are asked to choose one of them.

Hence, we have prepared this detailed comparison so you can easily choose one which suits you the best.

What is a Soundbar?

A soundbar is a flat cylindrical enclosure, which allows you to enjoy the perfect cinema-quality sound, which is not available on the built-in TV speakers.

Soundbars are a plug & play, you just have to plug the soundbar into the TV and you are good to go. Moreover, there are various connectivity options on-board, including the Bluetooth, HDMI, AUX, and Digital Optical options.

Besides TV, you can also pair up your soundbar with other devices such as your laptop, and mobile phone to enjoy proper audio feedback.

What is a Homepod?

Homepod is a smart audio device manufactured by Apple, which can be used for playing music as well as for performing various other functions. This device works perfectly with the Apple ECO system, and by syncing it with an Apple device, you can enjoy a wide range of functions.

You can use it for wirelessing playing songs, settings alarms, reading your messages, and a lot more. All in all, it’s a smart speaker, which can play sound, and also provide you with a handful of entertainment.

HomePod VS Soundbar – Detailed Comparison

Lets compare both of the products is detail.

1. Sound

The HomePod surprisingly delivers a big sound for the speaker of its size. It can fill your room with a rich 360-degree audio that amazes you from every angle. The score and sound effects are toned down a little, clearing the path for clear dialogue.

Coming to the soundbar, the soundbar offers all sound from a single place, which means the sound isn’t likely to mesmerize you or catch your attention. The sound is very clear and audible, but it doesn’t give you the vibe of extraordinary.

2. Design

The HomePod is designed in a way that it can fit anywhere without you having to put any effort to set it up. It comes in a classy shape wrapped in a seamless fabric that allows the sound to pass through it transparently. It also offers a backlit touch surface for quick control.

The soundbar offers a compact and a stylish design which can catch your eye easily. It has a slim shape that allows the users to place it anywhere easily even when the space is limited, its narrow shape only adds to its aura.

3. Privacy and Security

The HomePod is manufactured in such a way that it can keep your personal information safe and sound and be a trusted assistant in daily life of your family members.

The Soundbar unintentionally doesn’t lag behind in this feature, since it doesn’t have as many features as HomePod, it is less exposed to the vulnerabilities regarding privacy and safety when comparing with the HomePod.

4. Connectivity

You can connect the soundbar with almost anything, whether it is your laptop, your android phone or tablet, or whether it is your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Soundbar is a universal device that connects easily with any device.

However, the HomePod is designed to connect with Apple devices only. If you don’t have an iPhone,iPad, Apple TV, or a Macbook, the HomePod may be futile for you. Even some apple users go with soundbar to connect the soundbar with the other devices they own.

5. Devices You Own Currently

If you’re an existing user of Apple devices or devices, buying a HomePod may not be that bad a decision since you are well informed about all the user settings of the Apple devices and it won’t take you long to get used to the HomePod.

If you don’t have any Apple device at your residence and you want a good quality of sound, then a soundbar is just the perfect option for you. It isn’t expensive and you can easily connect it with other devices and you can use it with an Apple device as well if you buy one in the future.

6. Intelligent Assistant

I’m afraid this feature is limited to the HomePod only, so the HomePod edges out the soundbar on this one. Siri puts the HomePod at the center of your home activities, you can call on Siri from almost anywhere.

7. Computational Audio

Another area in which the HomePod comes out on top, the computational audio offers a tone that is full of details, and something you associate with a bigger speaker usually. Furthermore, you can increase and decrease the volume of the HomePod with your voice.

8. Intercom

Another one of those features, that’s available in HomePod only, with the help of an intercom, you can easily communicate with your family members, if you have multiple HomePods in the house. Siri can send your message to the family members collectively as well as individually.

9. Price

Being blunt, the HomePod can cost you more than 2 times the cost of a decent or an average soundbar, but then the features that the HomePod offers, the intelligent assistant, that sound quality, they are likely to tempt you more and more.

A decent soundbar isn’t likely to dent your budget at all, if you’re tight on money, buying a soundbar can be a safe option. Moreover, you can’t ignore the fact that at a decent price you get a device that is universal, unlike a HomePod, which costs u a fortune and is limited to Apple only. 

HomePod vs Soundbar comparison infographic

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a HomePod?

Well, this depends solely on you. If you want something that offers extraordinary features and something that is absolutely mesmerizing, if you got some spare cash to spend then why not. HomePod offers an experience that’s hard to match by the competitors.

Will the HomePod require an Apple Music subscription?

You don’t really require an Apple Music subscription to use HomePod. But, if you want to enjoy all the features of the HomePod and you want the HomePod to function fully, you would need an Apple Music Subscription. You would feel like having a subscription.

Which size soundbar is ideal?

Soundbars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of options. Usually, a larger soundbar sometimes offers more drivers and hence a bigger sound and there are some soundbars that come in really big boxes but the size of the soundbar is relatively small.


In features like connectivity and price, the soundbar does manage to edge out HomePod and it deserves an appreciation when it comes to its ability to adapt and its affordability.

If you have multiple apple devices at home and you’re willing to spend a decent amount of money on a stylish gadget, then you can buy a HomePod.

But if you want a good audio experience without spending too much of your money, a decent Soundbar sounds like a better choice than an expensive Apple HomePod.

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