Soundbar VS Tower Speakers: Let’s Differentiate Both

Setting up your home theater creates a need for choosing a surround sound system to glorify the setup even more and enhance the quality of the sound that you get to experience. This raises the question of deciding between a Soundbar vs Tower speaker.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and both serve their specific purpose. For instance, soundbars are compact and sleek, whereas tower speakers are huge and bulky. Besides, soundbars are affordable and budget-friendly, but tower speakers are not. Not only this, soundbars are easily portable compared to tower speakers.

Hence, after going through your needs and the purpose that the device fulfills, you can effortlessly distinguish between the two devices. Also, to assist you in that, we have chosen certain factors based on which a handy comparison would be available to you instantly.

Soundbar VS Tower Speakers – Comparison

Soundbars and tower speakers are worthy of providing you with superior quality and evident audio experience. If you are an audiophile and you have a thing for music, then you know the importance of a surround sound system in your home theater. Therefore, here you will acknowledge an in-hand difference between a soundbar and a tower speaker based on specific general criteria

1. Size

The most commonly visible difference between the two speakers is that of size. While tower speakers are quite too huge and easily noticeable in your home theater system, a soundbar is relatively compact, sleekly built, and can be effortlessly taken along instantly.

But size alone can not bring out the major distinctions between any two loudspeakers. Therefore, there are other factors that you have to take into account.

2. Compatibility with Other Devices

As a user, you would want speakers that support several audio channels so that you do not have to switch devices to experience more fun and amusement. If that is the case, Soundbars have a range of audio channels on a single platform.

In contrast, Tower Speakers will give you the trouble of playing multiple audio channels on different devices. According to your preferences, you can conveniently choose between a soundbar or tower speakers.

3. Price

Another essential factor to consider before purchasing a good speaker is the cost. Price plays a vital role in making the final decision. A pair of tower speakers will cost you an amount pretty much more than a subwoofer.

This is why many people consider having a soundbar at their place rather than tower speakers. If you are conscious regarding your budget, then you should choose soundbars; otherwise, go for tower speakers.

4. Outlook & Appearance

Not only just purpose, but you would also instead want to have a device that looks appealing in its outlook. A captivating appearance is promised to you by the tower speakers because of their giant design and build. On the other hand, to experience a sleek and modest device, you should consider buying a soundbar.

5. Quality of Sound

Ideally, the quality of sound offered by the loudspeakers is the most crucial factor that a user must bring into account before purchasing a speaker. Considering that, a high-quality sound experience is more likely to be expected by you in tower speakers.

Still, if you go for having better designed and perfectly built soundbars, then they offer the same audio quality experience too.

6. Purpose Served

Tower speakers are to be used by you in large spaces or at family gatherings, wherein you have to experience high sound. For personal use, such as watching movies or listening to music, you better go for soundbars than tower speakers.


Both soundbar and tower speakers have their worth. In my opinion, if you want a sleek, modest, and budget-friendly surround system, you must go for a soundbar.

On the contrary, if you have no issue with bulky models or prices, you can go for tower speakers. Soundbars and tower speakers are both commendable for a modified and effective user- experience.

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