Boss BRRC27 Review (Tested by Soundbar Experts in 2024)

The Boss Audio System BRRC27 27-Inch Soundbar is the premium solution for anyone looking to enhance the audio experience in their UTV.

This soundbar is designed explicitly for UTVs and delivers powerful and high-quality audio that is sure to impress.

In this article, we will review the BRRC27 soundbar, covering all the main features to give you an in-depth idea about the device. We have concluded the review after our personal experience with the device in our vehicle.

BOSS Audio Systems BRRC27 27 Inch ATV UTV Sound Bar

BOSS Audio BRRC27 Soundbar

Unboxing the Boss BRRC27 Soundbar

Unboxing the Boss BRRC27 Soundbar

Surprisingly, the Boss audio soundbar comes well-packed in a sturdy shipping box. It had some branding, including the soundbar pictures and its top features that set it apart.

The box had all the necessary accessories, including the mounting kit and user manual. There was also a remote control which was super straightforward but seemed handy for the user to use while driving off-road.

Size and Design

Size and Design of Boss BRRC27 soundbar

The BRRC27 soundbar measures 27 inches in length and has a sleek, low-profile design that is specifically designed for UTVs.

The soundbar is constructed of durable materials, including a weather-resistant coating to protect it from the elements.

The grill that covers the speakers is made of perforated metal that protects from dust, dirt, and other debris while allowing sound to escape. We liked the overall construction and design of the soundbar enough to complement our music streaming habits.

Setup and Mounting

The BRRC27 soundbar is easy to set up and mount. The included mounting hardware and user manual provide clear instructions on how to mount the soundbar in your UTV.

The soundbar can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference and the space available in your UTV. Also, be flexible about the mounting to enjoy the sound and dome lights.

Don’t worry about the built-in speakers, as the soundbar features IPX5 waterproof coating that protects the speakers in harsh weather conditions and won’t put a break on your entertainment.

Connectivity sources

The BRRC27 soundbar features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to stream music from their smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Hence, Bluetooth lets you play your favorite tracks from any music streaming platform on your phone and enjoy the long route.

In addition, there are RCA inputs and a 3.5mm auxiliary input for other audio devices, such as an MP3 player or a satellite radio.

Controlling and Navigation

The BRRC27 soundbar comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and change the input source from the comfort of your seat. Fortunately, it has some dedicated buttons at the front that won’t consume much time and distract the driver while navigating the device.

The remote control is compact and easy to use, making it simple to control your audio without reaching your smartphone or other devices.

Sound Performance

The BRRC27 soundbar delivers excellent sound performance thanks to its powerful built-in class D amplifier and high-quality speakers. All the speakers were placed smartly inside the sturdy body to expand the soundstage and ensure every note hit every passenger sitting in the ride.

The soundbar provides clear and crisp audio that is powerful enough to be heard over the noise of your UTV engine. The soundbar has a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which provides a full range of sound, despite the environment you’re driving.

• 500W max power
• USB charging
• Class D Amp
• Functional remote
• Bluetooth streaming
• DSP for audio control
• IPX5 coating
Installation can be hectic

Bottom Line

The Boss Audio System BRRC27 27-Inch Soundbar is a great choice for anyone looking to add high-quality audio to their UTV.

The soundbar is easy to set up and control and delivers excellent sound performance with up to 500W power. With its durable construction, weather-resistant coating, and convenient Bluetooth connectivity, the BRRC27 soundbar is the perfect addition to any UTV.

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