Nakamichi Sound Bar Troubleshooting [Fixes]

While enjoying your favorite music on the Nakamichi Soundbar, if the experience of savoring the music gets interrupted in between then it becomes a troublesome problem. The problems may be wide-ranging. It may include the TV remote not working, the screen of the connected TV set getting off on its own, and the sound getting low on its own.

So, to sort it out we need to go for some sort of inspection so that based on our conclusions we may find a solution easily or otherwise reach out to the problem with ease.

How to Fix Nakamichi Sound Bar Troubleshooting?

The various problems that may happen that may require troubleshooting can be among the following. 

1. No Power

If there is no power in your soundbar then the following steps may be useful for you.

  1. Press the power button on the soundbar or the TV remote of your soundbar.
  2. Check on the power socket properly by plugging in a different device in it.
  3. Also, go on to check whether the power cord of the soundbar is properly inserted into the slot or not.

2. No Sound

If you are not getting any sound out of your soundbar, then follow up on the steps given below.

  1. Try to enhance the volume of your soundbar by pressing the volume up button on your soundbar’s remote control or by pressing the button present on the soundbar.
  2. Press the mute button and ensure that the soundbar is not muted.
  3. Check on the ‘Audio settings’ of your soundbar. They should be set at Fixed or Standard and not on the option Variable.

3. Remote Not Working

If the soundbar’s remote is not giving out its infrared signal to the soundbar, then these given steps may be useful to you.

  1. Check whether the remote’s batteries are working or not. If not replace them immediately with new ones, and then check your remote again.
  2. Remember if you are using a Bluetooth connection for connecting the remote to the soundbar, then it may be possible that some of its features may not be supported by the soundbar.
  3. Also, check for the line of sight in between the remote and the soundbar. If it is not enabled at the right position, make a shift in your soundbar’s position so that the line of sight may be then directed to the soundbar’s remote.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I check my Nakamichi firmware?

To check your Nakamichi firmware, follow the steps given below-

  • Hold on your soundbar’s remote, then switch it on to the HDMI ARC mode.
  • Then, move on to the INFO button and press it a number of times till the soundbar shows “FWXX”.
  • Then, check on release notes to see the latest updates.

Does Nakamichi support eARC?

Yes, mainly all Nakamichi soundbars that have the Dolby Atmos receipt can support eARC as well as ARC with the help of the various apps of your soundbar TV. 


So, whenever you face any problem with your soundbar’s working go for a regular check-up of the soundbar’s connections so that you may get an idea about the actual issue with the soundbar.

If the soundbar is connected to any network connection please make sure that the network is safe and also protected by a firewall. 

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