Best ATV Sound Bar (Tested & Reviewed in 2024)

Do you like hitting the road more often in your ATVs and can’t keep up because of boring routes?

No worries because you can now put a portable sound system, aka soundbar, that is capable of entertaining you on your long boring journeys.

The best ATV soundbar is portable enough to set on your vehicle and flexible to connect wirelessly with your other devices.

They deliver high-resolution loud audio, but not loud enough to isolate you from the surroundings. You can learn more about the soundbars designed specifically for ATV vehicles as we have tested the top 5 products that would not stop doubling the fun of traveling around despite the weather conditions.

So, let’s check them out in detail.

List of the Best ATV Sound Bar in 2024

1. Pyle ATV Soundbar

Pyle Marine Amplified Powered ATV UTV 24 Inch Sound bar

Suppose you are adventurous enough and want to carry a soundbar wherever you go or want to fit them in one of your golf carts or ATVs. The soundbar from Pyle can play a good role in fulfilling all your needs. 

According to your vehicle, you can select the one that best fits your vehicle as it comes in multiple sizes for you to choose from. Five inches, 11 inches, and 24 inches sizes are available for easy fitting.

Also, you can get them installed yourself without any professional assistance. We didn’t get any outside help as it was straightforward to hook and connect.

Wireless connectivity like Bluetooth is one of the best features in a compact soundbar for your ATV because there is less space to hide wire coming out from most speakers, let alone keep you distracted while roaming around.

Pyle Soundbars are waterproof, which means you can take them anywhere without being worried about breaking them. We were scared to take it out, so we exposed it to water beforehand, but satisfied.

While you can enjoy them near a river or sanded mountain, Pyle Soundbar is lightweight enough to move them without feeling the extra weight on your ATV.

Comes with Built-in LED lights and a range of 4-5 colors from which you can choose anyone when you are in the dark or change its mode to match it with your music theme.

It looks super cool at night when the sun goes down, and you are exploring more with the help of powerful lights on your ATV.

A beautiful design comes in many port options, like AUX and RCA, for a second subwoofer to enjoy more bass in the dark when you are in the middle of the ocean.

• Quick and easy pairing
• Different sizes
• Front integrated speakers
• Waterproof
• Plays music from different streaming sites
• Sounds can be clear

2. Wet Sounds Stealth 6 ATV Soundbar

Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra HD 200W Amplified Marine ATV Soundbar

The best ATV soundbar from Wet is skillful enough to break all odds, and Wet Soundbar 6 is one of the toughest soundbars ever to launch from any company.

Whether you are trying to climb rocks in your ATV or your boat fighting with waves, the sound from the Wet Sounds won’t disappoint you.

Speakers are designed side by side to give you a robust music experience, with the help of 6 array speakers in amazing arrangement underneath the design to give you a high-quality music experience.

Built-in Bluetooth helped us with hassle-free pairing even when the phone was in our pocket. We liked how the Bluetooth will automatically connect to the trusted device when Wet Soundbar is turned on.

Build quality is solid, and you can tell just by the look that you have made a good and budget-friendly purchase. Being water and weatherproof helps it stand out from most soundbars on the market. By being waterproof now, you can take it without any stress of getting wet or damaged.

The front light led panel helps you to know when your soundbar is connected and when waiting to be paired. The front-end control panel can help you operate the soundbar if you can’t find remote control of your soundbar. 

The auto turns off feature helps you save the battery of your vehicle when no music is being played for more than 10 mins, then the soundbar will automatically turn off to save the battery of your phone and vehicle. It is undoubtedly worth investing in soundbar for your sudden road trips to keep you sane.

• Strong Build
• Stable Bluetooth Connection
• Waterproof and Weatherproof
• Few Mounting Options

3. Boss BRT26A Soundbar

BOSS Audio Systems BRT26A UTV Sound Bar

Boss is the king of all soundbars regarding durability and quality. No matter if you are buying it for your home theatre system or your ATV. Boss Soundbar BRT26A can be your easy choice to pick.

A stable Bluetooth connection helps you stream throughout your favorite song library or from your favorite song-streaming sites like Spotify and Soundcloud without any hassle or disturbance from using your phone.

If you take your ATV for Off-roading with Boss Soundbar attached, you don’t want to worry about taking them on muddy roads or water. It was smooth to hook, and we took dangerous routes while testing it to check its stability and performance.

Boss Soundbar series are more advanced and know how to tackle weather by being water and weatherproof. So now you can take them wherever you want to with peace of mind.

Compatible with V12 Power output, all you need is to remove your cigarette lighter V12 port, plug the Boss Soundbar, and play. With the help of a USB port now, you can connect your device to soundbar faster and easily for charging.

The built-in Amplifier doesn’t need an extra or additional speaker, and Boss BRT26A can play loud music within its reach and all components.

RGB Lights (Red, Green, and Blue) change their color when music is played with the sync color that matches pieces of music and their theme. You can control the Lights with the help of remote control.

• Easy Setup
• LED lights
• Wireless connection
• Robust Music output
• Weatherproof ATV Soundbar
• Old typical design

4. Pyle Marine ATV Powered Speakers

Pyle Marine ATV Powered Speakers

Pyle always raises the bar high with its extensive collection of portable speakers designed for ATVs or similar vehicles, and this 800W-powered soundbar is no exception.

The rube design makes enough room for the 6.5-inches speakers and 1.0-inches tweeter that reproduces high-quality audio with clarity and detail.

The loud volume beats the annoying surrounding noise and keeps you entertained on the fast routes with heavy traffic. The frequency response of 45-25kHz is another highlighting point for the off-road vehicle.

The powerful dual speakers deliver a maximum power output of 800W, 400W for each channel, with a built-in amplifier to provide immersive listening, which feels like a live concert.

We only had to insert the power output into the cigarette lighter, and the Pyle sound around will be good to run. Besides, Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream music from online streaming platforms or your phone playlists without any hassle during traveling.

Different LED lights pop up when the natural lights start to dim, creating a funky environment for you to roam around in style. The colors, variations, and speed are controllable via a user-friendly remote.

It is reliable and durable to the extreme as it can be used in different weather conditions. The weatherproof and waterproof with an IP 44 marine grade rating feature stand out and makes it the best soundbar for ATV to compete in the open market.

• Portable enough to fit in off-road vehicles
• Waterproof IPS 44 marine grading
• Programmable LED lights
• Strong construction to run in extreme weather
• Quick installation
• None

5. NOAM NUTV4 ATV Speakers


Last but not least Noam NUT4 soundbar is a very famous and reliable sound system for ATVs, Golf carts, UTVs, or similar vehicles preferred for off-roading. We tested it with our ATV.

With a slightly more unusual design than others, travelers prefer it due to its extremely portable profile. We could easily make its room in our ATV, and it was good to go after the flexible wiring.

Installation and connecting the device with compatible sources is a piece of cake, giving you multiple mounting options. The construction is strong, and the design is aesthetically pleasing to showcase on your vehicles

It integrates four channels that reproduce high-definition audio to rock your ride. All four channels are powered by amplifiers that are controllable with one switch.

So, considering all the required accessories and audio components coming along, it will be a plug-and-play entertainment source that keeps you hooked outdoors.

The water-resistant construction never stops you from experimenting with new routes in maximum volume and keeps you occupied under any condition.

Bluetooth streaming lets you access your phone library without messing with wires and helps you enjoy the ride with your favorite music.

So, if the weather is not in your favor during traveling, the NOAM NUTV4 marine soundbar will make the journey worth having. That being said, the soundbar is an incredible device to make a companion when deciding to drive on the long roads.

• Light-sensitive Bluetooth remote
• 4 channel soundbar powered by a built-in amp
• Water-resistant body
• Loud and clear sound quality
• Limited functions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best ATV soundbar?

Pyle sound Around is the best ATV Soundbar with 800W power output and wireless connectivity to boost your ride with heavy music. It is portable to fix on the ATV, UTV, or golf cart for off-roading under any weather conditions.

Do you need a soundbar for ATV?

Most ATV comes with a normal sound system, but some don’t even have wiring for advanced speakers like a soundbar. You need a Soundbar for your ATV if you are more into music when on the adventure of Off-Roading.

How do I connect my Soundbar to my ATV?

Many people choose to connect Soundbar with Bluetooth because it is more convenient and saves you from the mess of connecting wires and maintaining the connection. Besides, many ATV soundbars also include AUX and HDMI cables as a safe alternative.


Why not make your rides interesting by installing compatible sound systems that are easy to mount and smooth to operate? Yes, the best ATV Soundbars can offer more than you can imagine.

Don’t let the small and portable profile fool you because the soundbars designed for ATVs produce loud, clear, and high-definition audio, just like other soundbars, so be careful while choosing one. We have mentioned the top 5 products to rely on for adventurous traveling moments.

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