AUX VS RCA – What’s the Difference?

Before setting up any connection between the various equipment you bring to your home, the most challenging question to answer becomes the type of cable we need to have. A simple guide is to look in the user manual of your particular device and then just decide accordingly. 

This article talks about the differences between the two wires AUX and RCA which is a common confusion for most people.

AUX VS RCA – Comparison

Lets differentiate AUX and RCA in detail.

1. Difference in the Input Sound

RCA cable takes the input in digital forms using optical fiber cables and mostly uses audio inputs which sometimes range from stereo voices to slow tunes. AUX cable takes the inputs in analog form. We know that within analog there is not much diversification to sounds hence only low-range audios are transmitted by it.

Thus, AUX cables are used for the transmission of low-quality sounds over a shorter distance. RCA, on the other hand, is chosen over AUX as it is capable of transmitting sound over a larger distance without many disruptions.

2. Sound Quality

We know now that RCA cable takes digital inputs and also we know that digital inputs are not influenced by outside forces hence the signal transmitted is free from any disruptions. While an AUX cable is based upon the transmission of an analog signal which definitely gets interrupted by outside forces and this ultimately leads to low output quality of sound.

Thus, AUX can be somewhat associated with a low-quality output sound and RCA on the other hand can be associated with a higher quality of output sound, comparatively.

3. Difference in Media Transmitted

An RCA cable transmits 3-D as well as an 8-D sound over a good range of distance so that the user might enjoy the output sound with a real feel. This altogether gives the listener a good experience of the output sound.

In the case of an AUX cable, only 3-D sounds can be transmitted and the output sound is not always a satisfactorily one for the listener. In the case of AUX, sometimes only voice recordings or small-size audio clips can be transmitted while in the case of RCA, high-range movie sounds as well as high-quality songs, and podcasts can also be listened out.

4. Hardware Compatibility

The greatest advantage of AUX cables is that they come up with good hardware compatibility. You may test its versatility by making its connection with an iPhone, Android, or a modem; it will get connected with any one of these without any difficulty.

So, we can conclude that an AUX cable can work with all audio devices. While an RCA cable is only compatible with some devices only and mainly supports home theatres and soundbars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Difference between RCA and AUX?

The most basic difference between the two is that the AUX cable transmits sound in analog form while an RCA cable transmits it in digital form.

Which is better AUX or RCA?

RCA is more preferential as compared to an AUX cable. AS we know an AUX cable transmits a signal in an analog form which is disturbed by outside forces while an RCA cable transmits a signal in digital form which is not influenced by any outside forces. Hence a better output sound quality is provided by an RCA cable.


Considering the above three parameters we can conclude that an RCA wire is a good option over an AUX cable. The quality of output sound is best in the case of RCA and this concludes the dilemma between the two.

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