How to Connect JBL Soundbar to TV (Different Methods)

Are you experiencing difficulties while connecting your JBL speaker to the TV? Learn how to connect your JBL soundbar to your TV and enjoy full HD audio by reading this guide.

JBL Soundbars was arguably the most well-known audio system now available. Users employ soundbars in several ways. Many of them prefer to link their soundbar to their TV. This will make watching TV more enjoyable for you.

When complemented by the elevated sound of JBL Sonic Bars, watching your team movies, shows, music videos, or other media becomes much more pleasurable. The steps below will demonstrate how to link a JBL Soundbar to a television.

How to Connect JBL Soundbar to TV

The JBL soundbar is simple to connect to your television. There are three options for accomplishing this. The first way is via HDMI ARC, a digital connection that transmits audio and video signals from one device to another.

The second way is via Optical, which sends audio from the soundbar to the TV using an optical cable. The third way is via Bluetooth, which connects the soundbar to your TV using Bluetooth technology.

Use HDMI ARC to Connect the JBL Soundbar to TV

HDMI Cable

Sound can be delivered seamlessly and high-quality via an HDMI connection. It can broadcast audio and video and is most suitable with audio devices such as speakers and soundbars. Because of all of these benefits, connecting your JBL soundbar to your television is the most acceptable approach.

The steps here will show you how to connect your JBL Soundbar to your TV using HDMI ARC:

  1. Find the ADMI (ARC) port on the speaker. If you have trouble finding it, search it up in the JBL Soundbar’s manual.
  2. Additionally, look for the HDMI input on the back of your television.
  3. Attach the HDMI cord to the soundbar’s port and the tv’s port.
  4. Switch on your TV and soundbar.
  5. Activate the HDMI CEC and HDMI ARC capabilities on your television.

Connect JBL Soundbar to TV using Optical Cable

Use Optical Cable

Optical connections are the most common connecting a soundbar to a television. The optical cable is made to impose heavy audio signals with minor distortion. Optical wires, however, are frequently more expensive than connecting a soundbar to a television.

You use an optical cable rather than an HDMI cable if the HDMI link doesn’t work for you and if you do not even have either. It functions similarly to an HDMI cable.

When you use an optical cable instead of HDMI, you won’t be able to transmit many of the latest audio files. Unlike visuals, HDMI is sophisticated and handles all audio files; Blu-ray, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS are among the formats available. HDMI can also be used to carry video streams.

You should also be aware that because HDMI delivers high-quality audio, the sound quality through an optical cable can be subpar. However, if you may not have an HDMI cable, an optical wire is the next best thing.

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Connect JBL Soundbar to TV using Bluetooth (Wireless)

Enable a Bluetooth Connection in samsung subwoofer

Bluetooth is another option for connecting your JBL Soundbars to your TVs. You could stream audio on your smartphone without using other devices if you connected over Bluetooth.

This connection uses wireless technology to connect the two devices without cables or adapters. It’s a good option if you don’t have any wires available or if you want to avoid using adapters in general.

It’s better than using optical cables if your smart TV enables Bluetooth sharing. The steps listed here will teach you how to interface your JBL Speakers to your television Wirelessly.

  1. Turn on the television and the soundbar.
  2. Switch here on the Wireless function on your soundbar. This can be done using the soundbar’s remote or the Bluetooth key.
  3. When Bluetooth is turned on properly, blue light should flash on your soundbar. This indicates that it is ready to connect to your Bluetooth connection.
  4. Turn on your television’s Bluetooth.
  5. Select your JBL soundbar from the available Bluetooth connections on your TV.
  6. The blue light will remain constant if the TV is connected to the soundbar through Bluetooth.
  7. Examine your TV to determine if the soundbar is effectively playing content.

While linking via Bluetooth is simple, it may not provide the same audio quality as an HDMI cable. There may be some lag. The sound quality will be inadequate.

For connecting smartphones to televisions, the Bluetooth connection is excellent. However, if the cables are too tricky for you to manage, this solution remains viable.

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Final Verdict 

When enjoying a movie or other amusement on your television, connecting your JBL Soundbar to it will improve your viewing experience. It’s a fantastic idea because it makes a miniature home theatre.

This page will reveal how to connect your JBL audio system to your TV. The three possibilities are to use an HDMI cable, an optical cable, or a wireless device, which are all thoroughly discussed. We recommend HDMI cables for the best sound quality and the quickest transmission. If that isn’t a possibility, perhaps the other two eventually will suffice.

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