Hisense HS214 Review (Tested by Soundbar Experts in 2024)

Are you looking for an easy, affordable, and powerful upgrade to your TV speakers?

Look no more!

The Hisense HS214 2.1 channel system soundbar is perfect for anyone seeking to enhance their audio experience by connecting to a TV, smartphone, or other entertainment devices.

It saves you the hassle of setting up a full surround sound system by delivering dynamic, loud, and clear sound with a fair share of thumpy bass.

It would be an ideal solution, but continue reading to learn more about how it will elevate your sound-listening experience despite its entry-level profile.

Hisense HS214 2.1ch Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer

Hisense HS214 Soundbar

Unboxing the Hisense HS214

Unboxing the Hisense HS214

Hisense has surprised us with quick soundbar delivery, and in excellent condition with amazing and solid packaging material, kept everything inside safe despite the long shipping days.

After unboxing and keeping the padding foam and other stuff aside, we could easily carry the soundbar that got our attention on the first appearance. We quickly removed the soundbar and other accessories and ran a quick scan.

We received a remote with compatible batteries, some cables, including HDMI, Optical, and power, which are of great quality, and a wall mounting kit.

Adding connectivity cables and a mounting kit is appreciable, providing value for the money.

Size and Design

Size and Design of Hisense HS214

The Hisense HS214 2.1 channel soundbar has a silky and modern design that will complement any room setting. It measures approximately 25.6 inches long, making it a compact and space-saving option for your home.

The soundbar has a slim profile and is finished in a neutral black color that will blend in seamlessly with your TV or other home entertainment components.

The design of the HS214 features a simple and intuitive interface, with sensitive control buttons conveniently located on the top of the soundbar for easy access.

The soundbar also has a small LED display that shows the current status, such as volume level and input source.

With its compact size and stylish design, the Hisense HS214 2.1 channel soundbar is an admirable option for those who want to boost their acoustic experience without sacrificing style or taking up too much space in their living room.

Channel System

The Hisense HS214 features a 2.1-channel system featuring two full-range, front-facing speakers and a built-in subwoofer.

The powerful speakers with separate tweeters deliver up to 108W of power, enough to fulfil the room with high-definition and multidirectional sound enveloping the listener in the action and keeping them hooked until they turn off.

Connectivity Sources

Connectivity Sources of Hisense HS214

The Hisense HS214 2.1 channel soundbar offers a variety of connectivity options to meet your audio needs. The soundbar with inputs hub is all we need this season!

The HS214 features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music easily from your smartphone, tablet, or other smart devices. Besides, an auxiliary input is available for connecting devices that do not support Bluetooth, such as MP3 players, CD players, and other audio sources.

The HS214 also has a USB port, allowing you to play music directly from a USB drive. It also features an HDMI input, allowing you to connect it directly to your TV for the best possible audio quality.

This connection also supports an audio return channel (ARC), simplifying setup and eliminating the need for additional cables.

An optical digital input is also available, providing another option for connecting your TV to the soundbar. This connection is ideal for those who want to take advantage of the high-quality audio digital sources offered.

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Control and Navigation

The Hisense HS214 2.1 channel soundbar features a straightforward control and navigation system, with all the necessary functions controlled by a remote control.

The remote control provides easy access to all the soundbar’s features and settings, including volume control, input selection, sound modes, and more.

With the remote control, you can quickly adjust the volume, mute the soundbar, switch between different input sources, and access the soundbar’s setup menu.

The remote control is easy to use, with intuitive buttons and a clear layout, making it simple to navigate and control the soundbar.

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Sound Performance

The Hisense HS214 2.1 channel soundbar offers electrifying and outstanding sound performance, with a powerful 108W output, full-range speakers, and a built-in subwoofer.

The Dolby Audio support enhances the audio quality, delivering clear and dynamic sound and making movies and games more engaging.

The soundbar features multiple EQ presets, including music, movie, and news modes, allowing you to optimize the sound for different types of content. The presets make switching between different audio modes easy, ensuring you always enjoy the best possible sound quality.

Overall, the Hisense HS214 2.1 channel soundbar is designed to deliver an immersive and enjoyable audio experience, making it a great choice for your home entertainment system.

· Roku-compatible with ARC
· Intuitive design
· 108W power
· Stunning and deep bass
· Multiple connections
· Touch EQ modes
· Auto turn-off
· Not suitable for surround sound

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Hisense HS214 2.1 channel soundbar is a well-designed and feature-packed soundbar that delivers impressive sound performance.

With a powerful 108W output, full-range speakers, and a built-in subwoofer, the HS214 provides clear and dynamic sound, making movies and games more engaging.

We highly recommend investing in this soundbar, as it can be a valued addition to your entertainment setup with all its qualities.

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