Dolby Atmos VS 7.1 – Which One to Get?

We often get asked, Dolby Atmos or the 7.1 surround sound, what should we get? As these are two of the most popular surrounding technologies on the planet, people get confused about what to get.

If you are in the same boat, and you are doubtful about your purchase decision due to these technologies, then you have landed on the right page, as in this blog post, we have put together a complete guide about Dolby Atmos Vs 7.1 surround system, as which one to get.

Dolby Atmos VS 7.1 Channels – Comparison

That being said, let’s jump right into the matter, and check out the details.

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is an audio technology, which provides you with an immersive audio listening experience. It’s the newest release from Dolby, and certainly better than the previously launched Dolby Digital.

In fact, Dolby Atmos was released to cover all the flaws that were present in the Dolby Digital sound. Unlike the other surround effects, the Dolby Atmos provides a completely different experience with its 3D sound. So, the quality of Dolby Atmos is better than everything, and anything that Dolby has previously offered.

What is the 7.1 Surround System?

7.1 Surround system is an 8 channel surround setup, which consists of 7 speakers, and one subwoofer. The Speakers on the 7.1 system are placed in a way that they complete sound immersion, which makes you feel that you are right there in the center of the matter.

There is one center channel speaker, one right channel speaker, one left channel speaker

Dolby Atmos Vs 7.1 Surround System Differences

There are many differences between the Dolby Atmos and the 7.1 channel sound. Below, we have discussed all of these differences incomplete details, in which we have talked about the sound, speaker positioning, as well as the pricing of the system.


The sound experience in a 7.1 channel sound, and Dolby Atmos is completely different, as both of these technologies treat the sound very differently.

A 7.1 channel uses the speakers to create a surround effect based on the environment, in which there are speakers on the front, back, and sides. This provides you 2D surround experience, which is truly amazing and puts you in the center of the action.

On the other hand, the Dolby Atmos treats the speakers are objects, and the speakers are placed above the height, which ultimately uplifts your audio listening experience.

The dialogue clarity is almost the same on the 7.1 channel sound, as well as the Dolby Atmos, but the difference in the surrounding effects, as the Dolby Atmos has much better surround effects as it treats the speakers as discrete objects, which is absolutely amazing to have.


Speakers, and positioning matter in the immersion of sound. The 7.1 surround system has 7 speakers which are placed on the front, back, and sides. Also, there is one subwoofer for providing you with a low-frequency response.

On the other hand, the Dolby Atmos has above-height speakers and provides you with a very sophisticated audio-listening experience.

The 7.1 channel sound has is an eight-channel speaker system, and there cannot be a greater number in a 7.1 channel surround sound. On the other hand, the Dolby Atmos can have as many speakers as you want to have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the Difference Between the Dolby Atmos, and the 7.1 Surround Sound?

There are a few differences between the Dolby Atmos and the 7.1 surround sound. Firstly, in the Dolby Atmos, you have better surround sound as the speakers are placed at a proper height. Also, the number of speakers is also unlimited, as compared to the 8 speakers available on the 7.1 channel surround sound.

Dolby Atmos or 7.1 Channel Surround Sound, Which One is Better?

In our opinion, the Dolby Atmos is better compared to the 7.1 channel sound, as it offers better sound performance, and the number of speakers which can be added to this system is also virtually unlimited.

Is Dolby Atmos Better than Dolby Digital?

Yes, the Dolby Atmos surround technology is better than the Dolby Atmos, as it provides exceptional quality sound. In fact, the Dolby Atmos is designed to replace the flaws present in the Dolby Digital.


Dolby Atmos and 7.1 channel are two of the very best surround technologies available in the market, and we people get themselves confused between the two.

Thus, we have put together this complete step-by-step guide, in which we have discussed the different aspects of these technologies. So, you can have an easy time choosing the right surround technology for your needs.

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